Voice Typing & Text to Speech

Providing accessibility tools for students in the Summit Learning Platform Notebooks document editor

Math Handwriting Recognition

Improving the functionality of the Summit Learning Platform math editor

Logging UI Intereactions

Generating data upon which to base improvements of the Notebooks document editor

Machine Translation for English Retrieval of Any Language

Using Multilingual Neural Re-ranking Models for Low Resource Target Languages in Cross-lingual Document Retrieval

All About NLP

A website that provides a corpus of resources for learning Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning

Code Haven Curriculum

A yearlong weekly computer science curriculum for grades 5-8 using Scratch and MIT App Inventor

Code Haven Project Fair 2018

A computer science project fair for over 120 students to celebrate the culmination of the Code Haven curriculum

TeachTech 2017

A conference for K-8 teachers to learn about how to incorporate computer science concepts into their curriculum

Grafana Dashboards

Data visualization dashboards using Grafana for debugging, monitoring, and tracking performance and resource utilization

Veracode Greenlight Scans

Security vulnerability enhancements for the Corporate Security & Threat Analytics team

Mobility Security Dashboard Template

An Angular-based prototype MSD UI for a new data visualization template

AT&T Support Chat

An improved customer, employee, and manager support chat and data analysis system for the AT&T Intern Challenge Competition