Publications & Presentations

Research Publications

Zhang, R., Westerfield, C., Shim, S., Bingham, G., Fabbri, A., Verma, N., Hu, W., Radev, D. (2019) “Improving Low-Resource Cross-lingual Document Retrieval by Reranking with Deep Bilingual Representations.” Association for Computational Linguistics.

Fabbri, A., Li, I., Trairatvorakul, P., He, Y., Ting, T., Tung, R., Westerfield, C., Radev, D. (2018) “TutorialBank: Using a Manually-Collected Corpus for Prerequisite Chains, Survey Extraction and Resource Recommendation.” Association for Computational Linguistics.

Conference Presentations

Westerfield, C., Nijhawan, S., Lee, A. (2018) "Hello World! Teaching Coding Fundamentals to K-8." WE18 Society of Women Engineers National Conference.

Other Academic Compositions

"The Non-Religious Political Identity: Rhetoric & Policies of the Secular Caucuses in the United States." (April 18, 2020) Yale Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies Senior Project.

"Using Multilingual Neural Re-ranking Models for Low Resource Target Languages in Cross-lingual Document Retrieval." (December 8, 2018) Yale Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Senior Project.

"How Middle Schoolers Became App Developers: Code Haven Project Fair 2018." (May 19, 2018) Medium.

Staff Reporter, Science & Technology Desk (2016-2017) Yale Daily News.

News & Blogs About My Work

Alexander Fabbri: "TutorialBank: Learning NLP Made Easier." (May 13, 2018) Blog.

Brian Zahn: "Students find a common language with computer science." (April 29, 2018) New Haven Register.

Annie Chen: "How we Taught Teachers to Teach Coding: TeachTech 2017." (January 29, 2018) Medium.

Julie Deardorff: "Model partners: A national example for how neighbors work together." (Winter, 2015) Northwestern News.

Conferences Attended